PlayStation 4 Release Date and Price

Looking for information about Sony PlayStation 4 or PlayStation Orbis? I hope this page can answer some of those question about the release date and price and help you get an idea about the upcoming video game console.

Sony PlayStation 4 by Sofiasamme, on Flickr

PlayStation 4 Release Date

Release dates of future consoles are always a hot topic and the launch of the PlayStation 4 or PS4 is no exception. PlayStation 4 (codename Orbis) release date and other features might be announced at Sony's event sent to take place in New York.

Sony has put out a video, which sets the 20th of February as the date for announcement. Watch the video below from Sony's official YouTube channel.

There wasn’t much shown in the video but from the tone of the video this will be the PS4 unveiling.

PlayStation 4 Price

According to the Japanese Newspaper Asahi Shimbun, the PlayStation 4 will be released with a price tag of over 40,000 yen (over $400) in Japan, which is lower than the original price of the PlayStation 3, which cost 50,000 yen for the 20GB model.

As more information unveils, Sony will announce details on the event website.

Source || Image:, Sofia Samme


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